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Anatomy stuff. Studying the arms

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Trying to drop subtle hints that you’re queer around new people, but usually just ends up likeimage

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Bambi (1942) | animation - Milt Kahl

Milt Kahl and some of his colleagues had a way of drawing and animating characters that seem to inhabit real space. Individual parts of the body connect organically, and there is a flow from one form into another. A full understanding of the character’s anatomy as well as perspective is the key to achieving this type of dimensionality. 

Rough drawings, like the one above, often indicate how the animator solved drawing problems. They also show where time was spent and effort put into carving out correct, believable and interesting poses. In this sketch Milt was concerned with Bambi’s head in a down position, and how it connects to the body. Fascinating brain work. Deja View

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I know so many people who have emigrated Ireland. Never felt that there was a card that suited that. ‘Good luck’ ‘New job’ ‘congrats’ don’t really say ‘YOU’RE LEAVING! You’re going to live in another country and I’ll miss you but I want you to have a great time.’ So I made this, I call it ‘the friendship visa’. I’ve no idea if people will buy one but it’s for sale here:

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